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Get the insight and know-how from people who've attended and gotten their students into Dream Colleges.

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Get actionable strategies for amazing test scores, stellar essays, impactful applications, and memorable interviews. Especially for parents, hear directly from some amazing parents of super high-achieving kids and their secrets.

What would getting into their Dream College mean for your student and you?

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Speakers featured in:

The experts you'll learn from in the Summit

Alexis Avila

Peter Peng

Ms. Sun

Dr. Shirag Shemmassian

Ethan Sawyer

Neelam Sethi

Nathaniel Turner

Anna Ren

Nived Ravikumar

Stephanie Shyu

Shaan Patel

Lauren Gaggioli

Sara Harberson

Lynn O'Shaughnessy

Jodi Okun

Eric Rath

Stacey Howe-Lott

Dr. Robert Zeitlin

Nancy Paul

Mark Hofer

Meredith Graham

Beth Probst

Aleks (Trpkovska) Stefanovska

Joe Messinger

Dr. Rebecca Joseph

Arun Ponnusamy

Why You Should Get the All-Access Pass...

1. Learn directly from people who have done it... Our speakers have helped hundreds of students get into their dream colleges. The speakers I’ve hand selected will empower you by teaching you what really works…so you and your student can focus on what really matters with their limited time. This isn’t about adding yet more activities to the ever-growing schedule. It’s about focusing on the right stuff to make your student's college application stand out among the tens of thousands.

2. Connect with like-minded people... They say you're the reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Do those people push themselves to achieve greatness? Do those people care about getting into the best colleges in the world? One of the amazing bonuses is access to a Private Facebook Group filled with those people!

3. Value-Packed Video Interviews... Whether you're parent of a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or a student, you will get instant takeaways and actionable advice to creating the very best college applications, giving your student the best chance to get into their Dream College.

4. Watch and re-watch whenever you want... I know this is a ton of information, really too much to cram into a couple of days. With the All Access Pass, take your time and re-watch any of the interviews.

What Makes the Summit Different?

No travel required... There’s no flight or hotel room to book - saving you thousands of dollars, travel time, and time away from your family. Keep your vacation days for those college visits.

Flexible schedule... The interviews will be available online for you to view at your own convenience. During the free portion of the event (available for a limited time), each interview will be live for 48 hours, and, if you purchase an All-Access Pass, you’ll get access to all the interviews and bonus material forever.


…for only $297

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked, No Hassles, No Problems!

The Summit All-Access Pass Includes…

Video interviews (mp4)
20+ hours

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Exclusive Bonuses & Discounts from our Speakers

$3,390+ value

Audio interviews (mp3)

$397 value

What You'll Learn..

  • What to stop wasting your time on when it comes to college applications
  • How to craft the perfect essay
  • The best strategies for amazing SAT and ACT scores
  • Behind-the-Scenes of the admissions process
  • How to stand out among the 100,000s students
  • How to get your best possible financial aid package
  • How to get $100,000s in scholarships
  • Especially for Parents: The roadmap to raising high achievers

Bonuses and Discounts from our Speakers

  • 50%+ off Essay Guy's Courses (up to $500 value)
  • Free Ask Ms. Sun webinar ($25 value)
  • 20% off services at Statement Guru (up to $220 value)
  • 1/2 off first session at Prepped & Polished (up to $145 value)
  • 10-25% Shemmassian Counsulting services and courses (up to $700 value)
  • Admissions Interview Cheat Sheet from Elite Advantage Prep ($57 value)
  • 10% off of the Meredith Graham's Complete Admissions Program (at least $500)
  • All About Essays free chapter and essay checklist ($57 value)
  • Free copy of the College Game Plan ($244 value)
  • 10% off Essay Development and Proofing with Your College Matters (up to $55 value)
  • Complimentary 60 minute call with Joe Messinger ($300 value)
  • 20% off AdmitSee memberships (up to $240 value)
  • Free copy of the Ultimate Guide to World-Class Extracurriculars ($97 value)
  • $250 off Prep Expert courses ($250 value)

Get access to a private Q&A with me after the summit

Jessica Yeager

Jessica Yeager is the host of the Dream College Summit. She's a recent graduate of Harvard and MIT with over ten years of tutoring experience. In 2003, she applied to Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, Princeton, Washington University in St. Louis, and Northwestern and got into every one except for Princeton.

Jessica started Impress the Ivies to share her insights and secrets on how she did it and how other students can too. She's helped students get into their dream colleges, like Carnegie Mellon and Harvard. Her work has been featured on the Huffington Post, Prepped & Polished, and the College Solution.

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An Invitation to a private Facebook Group so you can connect with the speakers and other parents of high achievers

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$3,390+ in valuable bonuses from our amazing and generous speakers​


…for only $297

100% Money Back Guarantee

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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What would getting into their Dream College mean to your child and you?

No one can guarantee acceptance to Harvard, and it's not easy to get into your Dream College. But I know your student wants to put in the hard work. Don't you want to give them the very best tools to put together the best application they can?


…for only $297

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked, No Hassles, No Problems!

Your All-Access Pass Includes…

Private FB group

VIP Q&A with me

$3,390+ in Exclusive Bonuses & Discounts from our Speakers


…for only $297

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked, No Hassles, No Problems!

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