DREAM COLLEGE SUMMIT - Financial Aid and Tips for Parents Edition!

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What is this Summit about?

Our experts have helped hundreds of students get into their dream colleges. Hear from leading college application experts who have helped students get into the best colleges in the world, including Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, among many others. Get the inside scoop on how to prepare your child and pay for their dream colleges.

What will people who watch the Summit learn?

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    How to broach the topic of financial aid with your kids.
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    How to determine a manageable student loan debt.
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    ​What to keep in mind with merit scholarships.
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    ​What to do if you do not qualify for need-based financial aid.
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    Instant access to all speaker videos & audio MP3 files.

    Special speaker bonuses.

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    If you’re a financial aid or parenting expert with an active subscriber base or social media presence, we’d love for you to apply to become a Dream College Summit Affiliate. Our affiliate partners are carefully selected after a screening process to make sure we’re the right fit for each other.

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    Here’s a sneak peek at some of our amazing speakers:

    Nathaniel Turner

    Jodi Okun

    Joe Messinger

    Mathew Carpenter

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    Being a rockstar affiliate is all about caring about the content, and sharing it with genuine passion to your readers. That said, here are some strategies that can help move the needle.

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    - Mailing once during the summit is a good idea. Remind viewers that the interviews they most want to see are only available for 48 hours before they’re locked away in the vault.
    - Speakers, it’s a great idea to email your people the day before your interview goes live and then again a couple hours before.

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