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Nancy Paul - Three Wishes College Strategies

Keys to Winning $100,000s in Merit Scholarships

Nancy Paul is a merit scholarship expert and bestselling author of The Little Book about Scholarships. Her three daughters won $600,000 in merit scholarships -- money for college based on achievement.  

Since 2011, Nancy has been empowering families that earn too much for financial aid to take control over skyrocketing college costs and give students more confidence, “skin in the game,” and financial responsibility. 

Her strategies give families options for how much they pay for college so they can reduce the need for college debt, avoid spending their Retirement on college, and minimize the financial burden of paying for college as tuition continues to rise 3-4% each year.

She passionately believes that College Costs Matter and that families have a right to know how to save on college without relying on financial products or having to prove that they need to pay less.

Nancy is a speaker, consultant, and creator of the Pay Less for College Boot Camp and The College Treasure Chest, an online resource so families find more money for college faster.

In this interview you will learn…

  • The truth about merit scholarships and who can earn them.
  • The best private merit scholarships to apply to.
  • How to master your scholarship applications.
  • The benefits of scholarships beyond just the money.

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