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Nate Turner -

Creating a Roadmap for Success

Nathaniel A. Turner was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. Despite graduating in the bottom quarter of his high school class from one of the worst and most impoverished school systems in the country, Nate went on to earn several degrees – Bachelors (Accounting), a Masters (Theology & History), and Juris Doctorate degree.

Nate is an entrepreneur and has operated a financial services practice for two decades. Not withstanding his professional accomplishments, Nate’s greatest passion is helping children realize what he rarely experienced growing up in Gary: feeling valued as a human being and knowing his life had meaning.

Nate’s counsel and advice are included on his blog “The Raising Supaman Project”, his radio show “The Road Less Traveled”, and in his books “Raising Supaman” and “Stop The Bus”. Nate also shares parental and educational strategies through several programs he designed such as “The G.P.S. (Great Parenting Strategy) and The A.S.S. (The Academic Success Strategy).

Nate is the “parent whisperer”. He encourages and coaches parents, guardians, and the community to raise enlightened children so that they may become great world citizens. He also challenges all adults to maximize our abilities to their fullest societal beneficial potential.

Nate considers it a calling to make certain that OUR future has a chance to live the future of their choosing. Nate is changing the world one parent, one child at a time!

For All Access Pass Members, Nate is offering a bonus of free access to his Supa-Parenting Back to School Course ($497 value). 

In this interview you will learn…

  • How to create a roadmap for your children.
  • What myths are out there about raising high-achieving children.
  • How to help a child value education.
  • Tips for setting and achieving goals with your child. 

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