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Todd Weaver - Strategies For College, Inc.
Integrating Affordability and College Selection

Todd Weaver, Senior Vice President with Strategies For College, Inc., is an Independent Educational Counselor who specializes in integrating the college selection process within cost management parameters for the families he works with. Todd received his B.A. in Political Science from Vanderbilt University in 1990 and his M.B.A. from Northeastern University in 1997, where he worked in the Financial Aid department. 

For more than 20 years, Strategies For College, Inc. has taught Certified Public Accountants 4 and 8‐hour CPE courses on college planning at the Boston Tax Institute and is also a Certified Financial Planner Board Registered provider of professional continuing education. 

Since 1990, Strategies For College, Inc. has assisted more than 6,000 families – helping them seek and find admission to selective and highly selective colleges and universities that match their student’s level of intellectual curiosity, interests and abilities. His firm is proud that more than 95% of the students they work with return to the same college for Sophomore year versus the national average of 66%. 

Todd lives near Boston, Massachusetts with his wife and four children.


Twitter: @CollegeGamePlan 

In this interview you will learn…

  • How to make your child’s dream school a reality when it appears out of budget.
  • How to determine if a school is affordable.
  • Where you should focus your financial aid efforts.
  • What to do after you receive your financial aid letter. 

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