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Ritu Shah Asher - How to Apply to Your Dream College as an International Student

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Ritu Shah Asher is the founder of My Ivy Ally with a focus on helping international students navigate the college applications process in the United States. Having completed her Bachelors in Indiana and after pursuing her Masters at Harvard, Ritu worked for MNCs in various roles such as education, marketing, HR, and Finance after which she decided to dedicate herself fully towards helping international students realize their Ivy Dreams. Ritu's team has a combined counseling experience of over 50 years and have been featured in various publications such as Huffington Post and Forbes. Their mission is to become a student's "Ally - a friend" and not just stop at the acceptance but to keep that friendship going. Having been an international student herself, she realizes the pain points and unique challenges that internationals students go through during the applications process, and they are proud to announce their success rate of over 93% to get students to their top choice colleges.

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In this interview you will learn…

  • The biggest myth among international students
  • Why starting early is so important for international student
  • How to find a great fit
  • What to focus on as an international student

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